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Executive Award Winner

Kendrick Paint and Body’s COO, Tracy Bryant was nominated by his peers and selected through an arduous process by Fender Bender Magazine’s staff. He is profiled in the following article and represents the very best in his field. Tracy Bryant is a unique and innovative professional pushing this industry forward.

From the Article: “The 2015 FenderBender Awards”

Fender Bender Magazine Awards Kendrick Paint & Body

“I just tried to focus on changing the culture first and foremost,” Bryant explains. “If you have truly happy and engaged employees, customer service is going to be good, cycle time and productivity will be strong. Happy people are motivated people.”

Bryant took a different staff member to lunch each day to get to know them. They set team goals, and when they were met, they’d have cookouts or other gatherings to celebrate. He related to them on a personal level, and built a rapport to where the team began to work “for each other,” Kendrick says.

To this day, Bryant’s weekly goal is to have a personal interaction with each employee each week—all 165 of them.

That’s not to say Bryant overlooks the finer points of running a multi-shop repair business. He often works from 4 a.m. until 6 p.m., alternating his time between all eight shops. His apprenticeship program (there are currently 10 on staff) has helped eliminate tech shortage issues for the business, and the mentoring he does with the managers and estimators have made the entire Kendrick team stronger.

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