In order to perform the most effective and safe repairs, our body shops are OEM certified by many of the major manufacturers, such as Nissan/Infiniti, Ford, FCA (Fiat Chrysler), Kia, Hyundai, Volvo, Volkswagen, Subaru, and more. Our customers’ safety and satisfaction are our main goals.

small bmw logo

BMW is one of the most sought after luxury brands in the United States. These vehicles are well-built and safe, as well as a classy status symbol. When you invest in a BMW, you want it to look appealing and perform optimally for years. This is why we became a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center.

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We are proud to be part of the Ford Certified Collision Repair Network. To achieve this, we have to go through extensive training and invest in the proper tools to repair your Ford they way it should be. By staying ahead of the curve, our team does its part to keep you safe by ensuring your Ford functions optimally.

small honda acura logo

Honda launched Acura decades ago to break into the luxury vehicle world. While Honda is known for its high safety ratings, dependability, and adeptness, Acura has more high-end technologies and amenities. Whether you prefer everyday or luxury, our collision repair technicians have the equipment, products, and training to repair both lines at a factory level. As part of our Honda Acura Certified partnership, our auto body technicians receive ongoing education on the latest models.

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As part of the Kia Certified Collision Repair Network our technicians receive routine training on the latest Kia models through our I-CAR Gold class certification. As a result, our team helps maintain your vehicle value by staying ahead of the curve. On top of that, our auto body team only implements Kia approved equipment, products, and replacement parts. This helps ensure your Kia drives and protects you as the dealer intended.

small nissan

We want you to rest easy when you bring your Nissan in for repairs. That’s why we decided to become a Nissan Certified Collision Repair Facility. Our team uses an advanced 3D measuring system throughout the collision repair process to return your Nissan to OEM recommendations.

small tesla

Tesla creates some of the most advanced Electric Vehicles in the automotive world. Therefore, repairing Tesla models requires a detail-oriented and knowledgeable approach. Thanks to extensive training, our auto body specialists have earned Tesla certifications and are part of the Tesla Approved Body Shop Network.

small volvo

Volvo is a Swedish car brand best known for making luxurious vehicles with excellent safety ratings and advanced technology. For these reasons, when you invest in a Volvo, you want to get your money’s worth. So, our team underwent rigorous training to meet this request by becoming a Volvo Certified Collision Repair Facility.

small vw

Volkswagen is a German manufacturer that produces dependable, comfortable, and meticulously designed vehicles. So, to ensure your VW continues to meet all your expectations post-accident, our auto body experts have become Volkswagen certified. Let our team of highly trained VW Certified Collision Repair Technicians provide you with a hassle-free body shop experience.